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 SmartCloud Company

The comfort and luxury you deserve

Saudi company was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers and experts, information and communication technology.
Specialize in providing smart solutions and modern services in cooperation with the largest American and European international companies to ensure that the latest modern digital technologies in the field of security and protection and safety automation and control solutions for buildings and modern shipping.

 Control your home now easily ....

Home control has become easier now .. With Smart Cloud co

Adjust heat your home, even if you're outside the home and control Baltkievat heaters

Full control switch on the home of the open or close and set the house on a lighting levels

Locks smart home control doors, intercom and camera systems and internal screens

Open and close car garage through a mobile application control

Security and protection of a modern home with surveillance cameras and alarm systems to protect against thefts

Our Services

Lighting control

Lighting and blinds control system designed specifically for each client to create a different atmosphere every time, so the design level of the dim lighting and the relaxation times of the morning, and the level of strong lighting if the reception of guests and close the curtains, and many other options

Control air conditioning

Intelligent control your home air-conditioning not only provides you the well-being while you run the air conditioning, you are outside the home, but also saves you electricity bill that seized on the closure automatically while the family out of the house

Sound systems and home theater systems

Sound systems and home theater systems: provide you with the experience of pleasure and luxury design customized home theater rooms as the finest innovations screens and Albroujektrut tri-dimensional experience and complete control of the mobile application

Security Cameras

The latest internal and external surveillance cameras, wireless and with night vision, with digital recording devices filming a high-quality and clarity in addition to providing cameras bear the harsh climatic conditions.

Fire alarm system

Of the most important systems of security and safety in homes and businesses that help detect fire from the beginning and that remote sensing of smoke at the beginning or the sensor temperature rise

Integrated Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm system integrated does not require any electrical connections with the possibility of connecting the alarm system on: the mobile device and landline property and send SMS messages.

CCTV cameras

It is sophisticated systems for monitoring cameras allow users to extraordinary ability to command and control and remote monitoring of different places.

Attendance devices and leave

Full control to register the entry and departure of staff through our devices reader for face and fingerprint (bio) and also the card, which can be linked to the computer and mobile phone.

Networking and IP Telephony Systems

We offer the best products in the field of voice technology for the Internet Protocol VOIP way to achieve a better way to communicate by voice and video systems design and implementation of effective Ethernet network and the best international standards.

Charging station

Charging station that offer fast charging for mobiles in public places: airports, malls, universities etc.

Safe to Use

Safe to use and providing a secret number for each shipping box as it established show look trendy and processions of evolution

Advertising screen

The possibility of advertising with ease on the device through the display screen attached to the device (LCD) – High Quality ..

Our products

All of our products to ensure high quality in comprehensive installation and technical support.

Our Customers

Your life is different smart cloud

Welfare safety .. .. .. protect the lives of the sweetest 🙂

Smartcloud Company

Life has become easier.

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