About the smart cloud

Smart Cloud is a Saudi company that specializes in providing smart solutions and modern services and is distinguished in designing integrated solutions electronically and programmatically, whether for home or office purposes or for companies and even for the government sector in cooperation with the largest American, European and international companies specialized in this field, and we also provide services that make the surrounding environment smart, Safe, fun and completely easy to control. Smart Cloud provides technical advice, training and specialized qualification services
Our great experience and our specialized scientific staff with high efficiency and dazzling success for all our projects in addition to the absolute confidence of our customers made us compete and deservedly at the top of the pyramid of companies specialized in providing smart solutions at the level of the Kingdom and the region.
Always distinguished in creating the best solutions in the fields of modern digital technologies, advanced security systems and all types of smart systems for homes and buildings, which meets all the needs and aspirations of government institutions, the business sector, companies and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our team consists of Saudi and international experts in all fields and for each field a group of experts specialized in providing the best products and services to our customers.
At Smart Cloud, our success depends on your happiness. From this perspective, we are building smart, innovative and unique solutions that aim to satisfy customers and spread this culture across the Kingdom.
Since the competition is increasing significantly and unprecedented in the computer market and the software world, which led to radical changes in our lives and our work, and through our vision of the growing need of customers to employ this tremendous technological development in finding smart solutions through the use of the latest technology and the lowest prices and the highest quality with the fastest and best support And response. That is why we take a different approach from our counterparts in the markets to enable us to continue to excel and move forward and to make ourselves a milestone in the world of services and smart solutions at the Kingdom level.


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